Caro sees herself as a creative worker acting in different fields: design, art, concept, ideation…

She is able to deliver a classical corporate design but her heart beats for the special cases where nothing is too complicated and thinking outside the box is required. She feels the most comfortable with projects that give the greatest freedom in concept and process, but she also enjoys working together with other specialists to get the best project result.

In various fields of work beyond the MS MANTOBER, alone or in different collaborations, she keeps her brain creatively running:

Caro Mantke — Collagen shows her free collages and remittance work, that helps developing her own style, currently in 3d. facebook  instagram

The Monochromes, art collective with architect and creative thinker Tatjana Reimann and MS MANTOBER partner Tim, started with the monochromatic cookbook “Kochen nach Farben, 12 Farben – 12 Menüs”. Since then the group is fascinated to focus on one color and creates, develops and explores monochromatic matters. facebook  instagram

Studio Hagen, her workspace she shares with photographer Chiara Bonetti (who took the lovely MS MANTOBER portraits) and designer Livia Ritthaler from time to time transforms into an open space to host events like exhibitions and artistic collaborations.

Tim is passionate to create strategies, concepts and designs for interfaces, mobile applications and services for more than 15 years. He explores how technology can help to tell stories and provide experiences that have not been told or experienced before.

A profund knowledge of methods in all fields is essential to match peoples needs, from user research to design principles, from ideation to prototyping and from interaction models to applications. The design challenge of our time is to optimize complex processes, shifting from selling products to supporting people over time.

Currently he is teaching UX-design at UdK Berlin and he enjoyed exploring digital design with his students at Kunsthochschule Weissensee Berlin, Hochschule Anhalt Dessau and Bauhaus-Universität Weimar (Tim and Caro's Alma Mater) in the past.

Besides teaching he loves to cross the arts with the Group Holomatter, that explored the social behaviour of vacuum cleaner robots the latest. www.sisybot.com

As part of the art collective The Monochromes with MS MANTOBER partner Caro and architect and creative thinker Tatjana Reimann, he co-authored the monochromatic cookbook “Kochen nach Farben, 12 Farben – 12 Menüs”, dedicated to entire meals made up of just one color. Since then the group explores, develops and creates monochromatic worlds. facebook  instagram

Caro Mantke, Tim Schober GbR
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